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  If you were born on or after January 1, 1988 the state of Florida requires you to have taken a NASBLA approved boating course in order to operate a boat or personal watercraft. Sometimes called a boating license, it is actually a card which identifies you as having taken and passed the Florida boating safety class. America's Boating Course is all new in 2016 with a completely updated manual.  The course manual is divided into five chapters. The first four cover the required topics that all recreational boaters must know. In addition to the rules of the road, these four chapters cover the various types of boats, required safety equipment, navigation aids, lights and sounds, anchoring, communications afloat, adverse conditions, water sports safety, trailering and personal water craft operation. The fifth chapter is dedicated to chart reading and basic navigation and is offered as a separate session at no additional charge but is not a part of the final exam. Once you take and pass the exam Tampa Power Squadron will process all the paperwork required for you to receive your card from the state of Florida.
A Vessel Safety Check (VSC) is a free courtesy examination of your boat and safety equipment to verify the presence and condition of safety equipment required by both federal and state authorities. These examinations are not a boarding or law enforcement issue. No citations are given as a result of this examination if deficiencies are found, rather the examiner will explain what corrections need to be made to bring your vessel into compliance. Once you pass the safety check you are given a sticker similar to the one shown. A vessel examiner is a specially trained member of the United States Power Squadrons. The examiner may also make recommendations and discuss safety issues to assist in making you a safer boater.
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