MuVIT Custom Scenario Library


One of the most powerful features of the MuVIT platform is the is the ability to use the Mission Editor to create customized scenarios to meet the needs of both the instructors and students. Using the editor you can select the locale, vessel to be used and the environmental conditions. Want a sunny bright morning, dusk, something in between, just adjust the weather settings. If the locale you select supports good wind fetch and open water you can set waves to be up to 4 meters, although they are limited within harbors. Some of the locales have good dockage built in so you can build docking scenarios such as docking with the wind coming across or toward the dock. You can define waypoints and what happens when you reach them. Take a look in the manuals link for more information We are still getting the upload function and process nailed down but you can email your XML files to MuVIT until we get that sorted out over the next couple weeks. Please bear with us, this is a large project with a lot of moving parts.
This scenario is a generic docking exercise, no variables. It starts with the vessel heading approximately into the dock area, it should be immediately visible. No constraints on where or how you dock. Upcoming versions of the will have more constraints. Download the files and store them in  C:\Users\user\Documents\ShipSim2008 UserData\Custom Missions retain the name Docking.xml and Docking.png
This an exercise in docking where you approach the dock and attach a spring line and use it to assist you bringing the vessel along side the dock the securing it to the dock. Once docked you can release a line and use the other to help leave the dock in a controlled fashion.

Slalom Course V1.0

This exercise allows the skipper to run a slalom course . Start by navigating up the channel until you exit into the bay. Set a course of 30 degrees to the buoys which mark the slalom course. Try not to hit the buoys, they do damage to your vessel.

San Francisco scenarios

Six (6) scenario’s developed by Harold W. Howard, SN of the Peace River Sail and Power Squadron. Thank you for contributing, Sorry it took so long to get the updated.